Updated on January , 2017. Copyright © 2017 KASUGA ENTERPRISES Vasai Maharashtra India. Briefing Cinema Multiplex Design Whether you are aiming for a new-build, a conversion or a simple refurbishment,  chances are that you will require the services of an Cinema Theater Consultant. Ideally,  you will pick a firm with a track record on cinemas. KASUGA ENTERPRISES gives you a  tern-key solution. However, the handful of Consultants can claim to be cinema  specialists and, if you want to employ a local person, you may find yourself employing a  generalist. Sight-lines and sound performance are critical here, affecting the floor, seat  layout, ceilings and location of the projection box among other things.  State of the art design The calling card of the contemporary cinema is the physical image it presents. Going to  the movies has become more than a 150-minute long flood of images… Moviegoers  want to be immersed in a different world before and after the film as well. The public is  satisfied only when the total experience is unforgettable.  Now, standards of domestic comfort and home entertainment provide tough challenges  for cinema exhibitors.  For cinema, the features that are given prominence in marketing plans include:  Total view seating – an unobstructed view is the ideal. A stepped (stadium) seating  arrangement is preferred to a sloping (raked) auditorium  High quality seating – seat design has undergone extensive changes in recent  years and may feature: high backs, non-tipping squabs (hinges), adjustable  armrests, double or 'love' seats, generous leg room, multi sensory seats (seats that  vibrate and move to the action on the screen), and a side table or holder for drinks  Access – a high standard of disability access is required Large screen – wall-to-wall screens are increasingly common, this directly affects  the position of front row seating and emergency exits  Black box interiors – a controversial approach to auditoria interiors but the general concept of minimum distraction is generally accepted Air conditioning – or at least a good quality cooling system Projection – in-focus and flicker free projection complemented by multi-channel  sound, usually based around a digital process such as Dolby Digital or DTS  A superb acoustic condition for latest sound system and their effects Sound technology has advanced rapidly over the last decade and the sound levels  now attainable are very high. Because of this, building-born sound needs to be  taken into account and auditoria need to be isolated effectively from the outside  environment to prevent sound leakage. Almost all new releases have 9 channels of  digital audio information   KASUGA ENTERPRISES-Cinema Multiplex Design Consultant in Mumbai India, Ravi Rele